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Become a NZTFI affiliated Tag Module

Please provide your name details and relevant information if you wish to start and administer a NEW NZTFI affiliated 13 week tag competition module in your local area
Click here to start a new tag module

The NZTFI will contact you once we have received your online application form and deposit. 

Once you have been accepted as a recognised affiliate module you will be required to abide by the rules of the NZTFI constitution and adhere to the affiliation codes of conduct as stipulated by the NZTFI.

The NZTFI will undertake the following:

1. Register your competition(s) as an affiliated member of the NZTFI.

2. Advertise your competition(s) under the affiliated competitions list on the NZTFI website and Facebook Page

This will include:
a) Letter of Affiliation
b) NZTFI Scorecards
c) Complimentary Tag Balls
d) NZTFI Sets of Tags
e) Tag Resources the NZTFI are successful in acquiring for Tag modules
f) Invitations to all NZTFI/ITF sanctioned event
g) Funding advice and direction
h) Provide FREE Online SportsTG Registration system
i) Provide FREE Online SportsTG Sports draw builder/points table
j) Provide Free SportsTG app for your tournament

*Definition of a competition/ module:

Juniors and Seniors are classified as separate competitions even if they run on the same day/night. Running over different days of the week also constitutes separate competitions; for example, if the Module run Mixed Social on Monday and then Men’s, Women’s and Juniors on Tuesday then this equates to 3 competitions and you will be invoiced accordingly. Modules that run one grade split over two nights will only incur charges for one competition under the circumstances that the competition is split due to limited field availability.

Player and Team Registration

The NZTFI will provide its annual membership numbers to Sport NZ via its SportsTG registration process so that our sport can be sanctioned as a recognised sport in its own right. This reporting directly effects the future of our game as a stand alone game and will hopefully get approved government funding to the sport with your assistance.
is vital – Team and Player Information is required to be uploaded to the registration forms to The NZTFI by Friday December 4th 2020

1. Full Online Registration through our website
Our website provides Module Coordinators a Online registration management tools to run your Tag Module. Teams and Players will be able to Register Online and you will be able to track registrations, communicate with your players and accept season fees.

Some computer knowledge is required to operate this effectively but the NZTFI can provide support free of charge and will work with you to set it up. Support will also be provided to your members on how to use the system.

Handwritten/Hardcopy registration forms will not be accepted.

Non-compliance in the the return of Player Information by Friday December 1st 2023 will result in indefinite hold on Modules status for remainder of season.

“Player Information” refers to First Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Email, Mobile and ethnicity. It will also require the player to indicate if they interested in representative tag.

Module Coordinators are encouraged to contact for further details.