2022 International Tag Series – Auckland

The International Tag Series was created as a ‘One Off’ tag event to offer a representative tournament due to the cancellation of the 2019 Tag World Cup and rescheduling of the Tag World Cup to 2023. The Tournament was created so that 3 International tag tournaments in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland to host heritage nations in their countries to attend an international tag event due to border and travel restrictions throughout the world.

In August 2022 Australia will host the Australian based heritage nations and Ireland the Northern Hemisphere nations and New Zealand will host the Oceania and Pasifika heritage nations later in the year in November to round out the 2022 International tag calendar.


  1. Under 18s Boys
  2. Under 18s Girls
  3. Under 18s Mixed
  4. Under 21s Mens
  5. Under 21s Womens
  6. Under 21s Mixed
  7. Open Mens
  8. Open Womens
  9. Open Mixed
  10. 30s Mens
  11. 30s Womens
  12. 30s Mixed
  13. 35s Mens
  14. 40s Mens
  15. 45s Mens
  16. 50s Mens

Please download the following link to get the Managers Information Pack

ITS 2022 – Managers Info Pack V2
The Player and Team registration link is in the ITS Managers Info Pack V2 Contact your contingent or nation leader to enter your team:

NZ Based Pacific Nations 

NZ Invitationals

Aotearoa Maori

NZ Barbarians